Water interaction model for boats in video games

January 12, 2016 in Programming by admin

Jacques Kerner presents a series of articles on Gamasutra about water interaction model for boats in video games:

In this series, I present an algorithm for calculating the most important forces acting on a boat in water. The main motivation is to develop a model which captures the major dynamic traits of boats in water, yet avoids resorting to complex and expensive fluid dynamics computation.

I constrain myself to a reasonable performance budget, say less than 1 ms per boat. The model must be robust enough to simulate boats of a wide variety of sizes and shapes evolving in calm to very stormy waters.

The first article in this series will be dealing with hydrostatic forces, but will lay an important foundation for calculating all the other forces involved in this model. The other forces are dynamic forces caused by the motion of the boat relative to the water. They will be the subject of articles to follow.

For the first two articles follow this and this link.