Unity patch 5.1.3p3 released

September 11, 2015 in Game Engines, News, Unity by admin

unityLogovia unity3d.com:


  • (721563) – Editor: Fixed: Slowdown in Project window with Unity 5.
  • (722983) – Fixed broken positioning of render when upscaling to native desktop resolution in full screen mode (Direct3D 9 and Direct3D 11).
  • (708072) – Fixed Unity shader compiler crash when compiling for OpenGL target.
  • (723439) – IL2CPP: Correct C++ code generation when a struct inherits from a generic interface.
  • (721329) – IL2CPP: Fixed various performance issues by doing less type initialization at startup.
  • (715013) – IL2CPP: Prevented the exception “MissingMethodException: No constructor found for System.Resources.RuntimeResourceSet::.ctor(System.IO.UnmanagedMemoryStream)” from occurring when the TZ4NET assembly was used.
  • (none) – iOS/IL2CPP: Complete the IPv6 implementation.
  • (723961) – iOS: Fixed append regression when splash screens are changed in certain ways after initial build.
  • (718387), (720698) – iOS: iOS: Fixed system dynamic font support on iOS 9 where only the first font could be read from certain font collections and font substitutes, as identified by the OS, were not handled.
  • (706367) – Lightmapping: Fixed lightmap UV generation to be identical across platforms.
  • (721174) – Mecanim: Fixed a rare crash occurring while a new level is been loaded with some StateMachineBehaviour referencing a prefab that could lead to a prefab corruption.
  • (721704) – Physics: Fixed SliderJoint2D motor-speed backwards compatibility prior to 5.1.1p3.
  • (718787) – Plugins: Editor would report incorrectly that native plugin is colliding with itself.
  • (none) – SpritePacker: Prevented Sprite Packing called randomly due to bug in hash Generation.

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