Qt Creator 2.8.0 released

July 12, 2013 in News, Qt by admin

QT Creator 2.8.0 final was released. Some of the new changes and additions:

  • C++ got more refactoring actions:
    • Adding declarations and implementations for virtual methods from the superclass.
    • Assigning a method return value or ‘new’ expression to a local variable.
    • Moving function definitions from inline in the header to source.
  • Experimental support for debugging with LLDB on Mac was added (configure the debugger of your kit to be LLDB and point it to your lldb binary)
  • Graphical editor for manifest files and QML debugging and profiling on Android devices.
  •  BlackBerry development environment setup wizard now, making it easier to get started with on-device development.
  • Git version control integration got many new features, including support for interactive rebases.
  • An editor specific for Python was added, with highlighting and indentation, and a Python class wizard

There are many other improvements, bugfixes and additions

For more information and link to the download page, follow this link.

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