Powerline – Adds Powerful Statuslines and Prompts to Vim Editor and Bash Terminal

October 4, 2015 in Programming, Python by admin

pythonvia techmint:

Powerline is a great statusline plugin for Vim editor, which is developed in Python and provides statuslines and prompts for many other applications such as bash, zsh, tmux and many more.


  1. It is written in Python, which makes it extensible and feature rich.
  2. Stable and testable code base, which works well with Python 2.6+ and Python 3.
  3. It also supports prompts and statuslines in several Linux utilities and tools.
  4. It has configurations and decorator colors developed using JSON.
  5. Fast and lightweight, with daemon support, which provides even more better performance.

For the entire article, screenshots and information about how to install and enable in terminal, follow this link.