Below you can find  nightly builds for android X86 (Marshmallow)


  • You can easily test the iso file by a virtual box or qemu. On the booting screen, select the VESA or debug mode to boot.
  • You can burn the iso to a CD disk and test it on a real hardware. On booting it will automatically detect your hardware and load necessary modules. If you have problem with the default frame buffer driver, you may try the VESA mode (select second item on boot screen).
  • The iso can be dumped to a usb disk directly as it supports the hybrid iso format. . You may create a bootable USB disk by:
    dd if=out/target/product/x86/android_x86.iso of=/dev/sdX

You can get more information from the project page.


It seems like downloads which take too long to complete will eventually time-out on the server side.
In order to prevent failed downloads, if your network is slow download is taking more than 40 mins
please use a download manager, which will restart / allow continuing the download.


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