Introduction To Unity: Particle Systems

November 20, 2015 in Tutorial, Unity by Adrian Marius

unreal-logo-smallParticles effects are like salt; just a small amount can add extra “pizzazz” to whatever you’re cooking up. Modern games that don’t use particle effects in some manner feel can quite bland.

Particles also add authenticity to scenes. They can be the foundation of a roaring campfire, or the luminous effects of a wizard’s spells. They can also be used to create smoke, dust, explosions, and even rainbow puke! :]

In essence, particles are small, simple images or meshes that are emitted and then manipulated by a particle system during their lifetime.

Back in the old days, you needed to know the black arts of graphics programming to make even a wisp of smoke. Thankfully, Unity makes creating particle systems quite simple. Unity uses a powerful, modular built-in particle system named Shuriken, which is quite easy to learn but also lets you create complex effects – once you get to know it.

In this tutorial you’ll learn the following:

  • How to add a new particle system in Unity.
  • What the most commonly used particle system modules do and how to use them.



Make particle effects like these!