Introducing The Raspberry Pi B+?

July 14, 2014 in Raspberry PI by admin

imagesAccording to, some people got new unreleased model of Raspberry PI, which has 4 USB ports and uses a micro SD card amongst other changes such as form factor:




From the looks of it, this new board features four USB ports, a new, 40-pin GPIO header, and more screw holes that will allow you to secure this to anything. The analog video out is gone, and the SD card connector – a weak point of the original design – might be replaced with a microSD connector. Oh, every Raspi case that has ever been made? They won’t work.

Without booting this Raspi B+ there’s no way of knowing what the chipset is on this new board. The smart money is on the entire SOC being the same: basically, what you’re looking at is the same as a Raspberry Pi Model B, only with a few more ports.