Integrating Maven NAR plugin with Google’s googletest unit test framework

November 11, 2013 in Code Snippets, Source Code, Tips & Tricks, Tutorial by admin

unit_testing_best_practiseThis blog post has a quick introduction about how to integrate Maven NAR plugin with Google’s unit test framework. Maven NAR plugin is a Maven plugin which not only allows building native C/C++ applications using Maven, but also allows packaging the resulting artifacts (shared and static libraries, include files, executables, etc) in a so-called native archive  in machine-dependent and machine independent forms and these archives can be installed in local maven repository and deployed to a standard maven web server using the standard maven plugins. They also can be declared as dependencies for other projects using them using the standard maven dependency declaration and they’re downloaded, unpacked, installed in the local repository just like the java archives. For more information about the NAR archives and the Maven NAR Plugin, please follow this link.

The article also features a ready-to clone git repository which allows playing around with the source code.

For the original article, follow this link. For an introduction on building C/C++ project with Maven, follow this link.