A new build of Unity for linux released

September 16, 2015 in Game Engines, Linux, Unity by admin

unityLogoA new build of Unity for linux was released. Via forum.unity3d.com:

Build #2015091501

Official Installer for 64-bit Ubuntu Linux:

Unsupported Installer for Other 64-bit Distributions:

Release Notes

  • Make reported mouse offsets consistent everywhere
  • Fix direction of mouse scroll delta in play mode
  • Report mouse button events when cursor is locked in play mode
  • Support “Open in Unity” for Asset Store packages (opens new Unity instance for now)
  • Fix Asset Store for comma-decimal locales
  • Make popups less prone to inadvertently close
  • Fix shift+key in game view
  • Don’t crash on first run if XDG user directories aren’t configured
  • Fix interaction with Sprite Editor slice dropdown
  • Fix intermittent crashes when opening/closing child windows
  • Don’t double-report IMGUI key events in play mode
  • Fix initialization of fixed-size child windows (color picker)